Activate and engage your workforce with transparency and at scale.

Push & pull accurate and timely information through your network of advocates: employees, healthcare providers, KOLs, partners, and channels.

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The problem: healthcare companies are underutilizing their network of Healthcare Providers, KOLs and partners.

Healthcare companies have a tremendous opportunity to empower these advocates to scale communication, as a trusted source for consumers.

The solution: exfluential gives companies a frictionless way to activate these advocates as trusted brand ambassadors.

In a matter of minutes, efficiently deliver accurate and timely information to your database of advocates. Who in turn share that information with their personal and professional networks.

Easily distribute important information.

Your colleagues receive personalized emails with a frictionless way of sharing important information with their personal and professional networks on Twitter, LinkedIn, and/or through email.

Scale to thousands of advocates.

Organizations can easily activate 5 to 5,000 individuals with the same level of effort. Customize and tailor your content to specific advocate groups, departments, regions or networks.

Measure engagement and effectiveness.

Review advocate engagement with insight into top-performing individuals, groups and platforms. Using platforms like Bitly and Google Analytics to track what matters to your business.

Many different verticals engage with their advocates at scale through exfluential:

  • Healthcare

    Support a heavily regulated healthcare brand’s providers.

  • Recruiting

    Drive referrals for new applicants via employees.

  • Public Relations

    Activate clients’ workforce with news and press releases.

  • Publicly Traded

    Amplify company news to boost sales generation.

  • Real Estate

    Notify brokerage of new listings and open houses.

  • Politics

    Stir up a groundswell of campaign messaging and donations.

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