Activate Your Healthcare Professionals

Get actionable information in the hands of your healthcare professionals and their networks. 

Licensed by enterprise, Fortune 500 and small-to-medium businesses.

Healthcare, multiplied by the power of XF.

Healthcare companies are realizing higher engagement rates and higher ROI from their content & customers by using Exfluential’s fully integrated platform.

Action Driven Campaigns

Asking your people to do something is easy – getting them to take action needs Exfluential.

Individualized Journeys

Custom activation flows for your Employees and Healthcare Providers with transparency into performance, roadblocks and successes.

Available Anywhere, Anytime

Your content is available wherever your healthcare professionals are most engaged – without the hassle of custom development.

Explore Use Cases

Our customers are removing the friction from their advocate activation programs with these solutions.

  • Recruit

    Build and manage your network of Advocates in one place.

  • Share

    Take the guesswork out of sharing content, white-papers, case studies and testimonials.

  • Advocate

    Activate hundreds-to-thousands of your people as Advocates to their patients and networks.

  • Survey

    Received valuable feedback about your products and services.

  • Nurture

    Support your Advocates with regular and relevant content and receive valuable feedback while they sell.

  • Measure

    Gain valuable insight into what works and what doesn’t - who’s active and who isn’t.

Meet Our Customers

"Exfluential makes it easy to activate our entire workforce - for every team member activated, we see 5X the traffic back to our website."

Gavin Fabian
CEO, Casetabs

"Exfluential’s power is right in its name. From social media to surveys and lots of marketing campaigns in between, Exfluential harnesses the power of advocates, users and believers to exponentially influence messaging to increase engagement and reach that leads to measurable action!"

Debby Fireman
CEO, Fireworks
Whether you are just launching or have a large established network of internal advocates, our solution can remove the friction, help you scale, and provide valuable insights.

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